The New Regime

from by The Das Kaput

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hey, you got fun mixed in with my doom!


The New Regime

Gorged on glazed ham and the metaphorical blood of the vanquished,
“You don't put the palace in a blind trust; the palace is the whole point,
And it's very photogenic.
Did I mention the marble columns seemed at one point a little dated?
So we spruced them up with gold. They're still marble, the best marble,
But now they're coated in gold.
How you like me now?” The new regime

I'll take things that are super white for two thousand, Alex.
What are golf balls? What are tiny hands? What are tiny minds?
What is pure as the driven snow? What is the new regime?

The new regime . . .

R-U-I-N the artificial warmth is thin with frostbite gin;
Did I mention your kith and kin?
Go, fight, win, here comes the blight again
A low, tight grin requires some discipline
R-U-I-N come and smite me with violence
Go, fight, win, here comes the blight again

Here comes the blight again
“How you like me now?” The new regime


from Puts It All Out There, released January 14, 2017
The Das Kaput is Jimmy Kaput & Ivana Kaput




The Das Kaput Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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